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Only with HomePlus Mortgage will you receive an industry leading mortgage interest rate and terms, and un-paralleled customer service.

Where do I start? Which loan is the best suited for me? If you have these questions and many more, you are not alone. Buying a home can be overwhelming. Our industry leading resources are guaranteed to help you maximize your home shopping experience.

Shopping for mortgage rates can be daunting. With all the complicated terms, how do you decide which one is ultimately the best for you. That’s where we can help. As a mortgage lender and broker, we shop multiple lenders for you. Explore today’s rates »

Urgent does not always wait for office hours. Sometimes offers need to be made, and queries need to be answered late in the evening or early in the morning. We are just a phone call or email away whenever you need us.

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HomePlus Mortgage Online Lenders Big Banks
Education Best-in-class through multiple channels N/A Sub-optimal
1 on 1 Consultation Detailed and personalized with our team N/A Quality varies depending upon the consultant
Customer Experience Personalized guidance anytime through loan closing Online application leads to absence of guidance Online application and status tracking may be available
Rates Rates usually lower than the big banks. Actual rates are often higher than advertised Rates vary depending upon client’s relationship status with the bank
Closing Quick, sometimes in as little as 21 days due to continuous communication which avoids documentation surprises Closing often delayed due to multiple back and forth and documentation request surprises Large business volume often leads to slow processing and closing delays