Factors Affecting CA Mortgage Refi Rates, Orange County

April 23, 2020

Factors Affecting CA Mortgage Refi Rates, Orange County

By Published On: April 23rd, 2020Categories: CA Mortgage Refi Rates, Mortgage Brokers, Orange County CA

There are several compelling reasons why you have to carefully examine CA mortgage refi rates, Orange County. The refinance rates you get on your loan application will have a huge impact on whether you get a favorable mortgage deal out of it. Your goal should be to save a good amount of money. If not, it defeats the purpose of applying for a mortgage refinance in the first place.

Given the crucial role of CA mortgage refi rates, Orange County, to your mortgage application, it makes sense to know what affects their movements. The better the refinance rate, the more opportunity to save.

Here are the things that you should consider when applying for a mortgage refinance.

Credit score

Credit scores are numbers ranging from 300 to 850, which determine how good or bad you are as a consumer. In other words, the gauge of how creditworthy you are. The higher the credit score, the more attractive you are to lenders. This also means that your chances of getting a refinance loan with a low-interest rate are high. Your credit score is determined based on your credit history, taking into account several criteria, including the number of open accounts, total levels of debt, and repayment history.

Loan Type (purchase, IRRRL, cash-out, jumbo, etc.)

It is imperative to recognize the fact that each loan type has different credit risk, time, tax consideration, as well as convertibility. A risk pertains to the level of uncertainty of a loan getting paid. The greater the chance that the loan will not be repaid, the higher the interest rate.

Loan duration (15- or 30-year)

In general, the shorter the duration of a loan, the lower the interest rate; the opposite is also true. For you to increase your chances of getting the best CA refi rates in Orange County, you might want to consider a shorter loan duration. However, a shorter loan duration would also mean paying higher monthly dues.

Current market conditions

Current market conditions mean the state of supply and demand for mortgage loans at the time of your application. If the market has more applications for a refi mortgage loan, you can expect higher interest rates. This means that right timing is crucial to achieving your refinance goal. So, watch out for the market movement. Know when to dive in.

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