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January 27, 2017

Ways a Mortgage Broker Can Help You, Tallahassee FL

What is a mortgage broker? In a simple definition, it is an individual or entity that acts as an intermediary brokering mortgage loans on behalf of individuals or businesses. In what specific ways a mortgage broker can help you in your quest for the best mortgage deals? Here are some: A mortgage broker can make a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation in order to find the best mortgage loan deals available the match your unique needs. A mortgage broker Tallahassee FL acts as your personal loan concierge – can do all the legwork for you. The broker applies for loans with various lenders on behalf of clients, making the best effort in finding and negotiating for the best deals in the market. A mortgage broker can also help you to get some loan fees waived for you. That is because most mortgage brokers have working relationships with several local, regional and even national lenders. A broker’s connection to different lenders will give you accessibility and one-on-one attention you likely will not find when you work directly with a loan officer at a bank. A mortgage broker will keep you updated on the home loan interest rates. This is imperative since the current interest rates on offer at banks is a huge factor to be considered in judging which home loan offer is the best for you. Your mortgage broker Tallahassee FL can also negotiate for a better home loan interest. Remember, a mortgage broker works for you and not […]
August 31, 2018

A Handy Guide for a New Home Purchase Loan, Tallahassee, FL

Just like anybody else who is planning to apply for a new home purchase loan, Tallahassee, FL, you may find the process daunting most especially if it is your first time. But here’s the thing: If you are diligent enough to gather information related to mortgage loan, things will be a lot easier. With the aim of helping to make the process a lot easier for you, we are sharing below some information that you may find useful when you apply for a new home purchase loan, Tallahassee, FL. Take the items below into consideration; they can help you make the most appropriate decision. Familiarize the components of monthly mortgage payments The principal – Refers to the monthly cost that directly goes towards paying back the loan. The interest – The monthly rate imposed from the cost of borrowing; it is expressed as a percentage of principal The property tax – This goes directly towards paying the property taxes as a requirement in your locality Insurance – Getting insurance provides you with the needed security and protection in case of damages to your property. PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) – The payment you need to put that goes towards your mortgage insurance in case the down payment is less than 20% Things to do when applying for a new home purchase loan program Do a diligent research prior to your mortgage loan application. Make an assessment on your qualifications (Mortgage brokers such as HomePlus can help) Familiarize the available options – […]