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January 27, 2017

HomePlus Mortgage is on LendingTree’s Q3 2016 List of Top Home Lending Providers

HomePlus Mortgage continues to be one of the leading providers of mortgage loans not just in California but across different states where the company has a market presence. Various recognition it has received in the past are proof of the company’s high reputation in the home loan industry. In the recent report (released January 23, 2017) by LendingTree, a leading online loan marketplace, shows that HomePlus Mortgage made it to the 4th spot in its quarterly list of the top customer-rated network lenders for the third quarter of 2016; that is in the Home Lending category. The ranking results were based on the “actual customer reviews for the third quarter of 2016,” where a five-star quality review system was used for overall customer experience as determined by actual LendingTree users. The above-mentioned industry recognition is another yet a great achievement for HomePlus Mortgage and will inspire its team to strive more as the company continues to serve to fulfill its mission, which is to give everyone the right information about home financing before they get one, and “to provide customers with the highest level of customer service and the most competitive mortgage rate and term.” The company believes that homebuyers should “get a mortgage based on their financial situation and not based on the profit margins of the lender.” Why lots of customers prefer HomePlus Mortgage? Below are some of the advantages of working with HomePlus for mortgage loans: The company has the highest level of customer service Provides customers […]
July 10, 2018

Now is the Best Time to Buy House, Scottsdale, AZ

You have saved up for a down payment. You have scoured the biggest home listing in town and you have found some prospective properties. Indeed, you are ready to buy. But one question still lingers: Is it the best time to buy? If you are planning to buy a new house, Scottsdale, AZ? The best time to do it is NOW. Why? Because of better interest rates. As of the moment, interest rates are relatively low, but various indicators suggest that it could go significantly higher in the next few years. Truly, now is the best time to look for a loan and buy your dream property while the interest rates are low. Do it today before rates become too high that you can no longer afford it. Here are some things you need to know about interest rates: Majority of home buyers need to get a loan when buying a new house. It is highly likely that you need it too. Apply for a mortgage loan to take advantage of low interest rates. It is imperative that you check out 30-year fixed mortgage rates prior to house purchase; 30-year mortgage rate sits at 4.5% these days. Mortgage rates fluctuate and that is why timing is really important to get your dream house. As of the moment, the mortgage market environment has kept home buying affordable, despite the fact that home prices are rising not just in Arizona, but across the country. Back in 2007, the interest rate went as […]