About HomePlus Mortgage

Save money on your mortgage.


Who is HomePlus Mortgage?

1We do…
mortgages. Yes, that’s all we do. And because, we only do mortgages, and no other loans (unlike our competition), we are proud to claim that we are the best at it. And that’s why we have won many industry awards and rave media reviews.
2We do it for…
home buyers like you who are looking to buy their first home, or investment property or home owners looking for ways to save money on their existing home through refinance.
3We do it because…
we believe that everyone should be educated about home financing before they get one. They should get a mortgage based on their financial situation and not based on the profit margins of the lender. Getting a home loan should be simple and there should be experts to guide them through the journey. So, that the journey to homeownership is filled with as much excitement as becoming a home owner.

Our mission is simple: To provide our customers with the highest level of customer service.

HomePlus Mortgage Timeline

  • 2016 Tripled business compared to 2012,

    generating 1200+ customer inquiries per month, funding 150 loans per month. Grew to 40-member team of stars with nearly a 100% retention rate. Your HomePlus Residential Mortgage Loan Originator, Realtor, and processing/support staff are there for you for the long haul.
  • 2015 #1 of 380 lenders on Lending Tree every quarter for customer service ratings

    - Closed $502M in loans for our customers.
  • 2014 Developed proprietary online app

    that paired with our processing software for completely electronic application and closing process, giving our customers a faster, easier way to fund their home purchases.
  • 2012 Re-enforced HomePlus integrity and customer service ethic with top team

    In addition to establishing trust and a strong source of referrals with our customers, our team of 8 Residential Mortgage Loan Originators were among the best in the business. They were engaged with their customers (reviews of HomePlus are usually positive, first-name stories of how their loan officer helped) and with HomePlus. Our core team remains with us and they’ve been a resource for adding more talented, caring team members.
  • 2011 Strengthened our relationship with LendingTree,

    capturing the top close rate for San Diego County and the #4 customer service rating nationwide. Expanded service areas to include; California, Texas and Florida.
  • 2009 Emerged powerfully from the Great Recession

    having realized double-digit growth while a majority of competitors went out of business. We helped qualified clients purchase homes and take advantage of a buyer’s market when funding was a challenge.
  • 2008 Added additional partnerships

    with Zillow, Bank Rate to help more homebuyers.
  • 2007 Entered the Great Recession on strong footing,

    having built a business foundation on integrity and on matching customers with the right home loan options.
  • 2003 Partnered with Lending Tree

    Added real estate buying and selling services.
  • 1999 HomePlus Mortgage was founded in CEO Phil Pizzino’ s home office,

    entering eCommerce arena ahead of competitors and setting a tone of personal service that continues even as HomePlus Mortgage nears $1B in annual loan production.

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