A Simple Guide To Evaluating A Mortgage Company, Flagstaff, AZ

March 30, 2021

A Simple Guide To Evaluating A Mortgage Company, Flagstaff, AZ

By Published On: March 30th, 2021Categories: Flagstaff AZ, Mortgage Company

The reputation of a mortgage company Flagstaff, AZ, is a crucial criterion to finding the best deal available in the market. It is key to finding the best rates, which can help save you a sum of money.

What should you look for in a mortgage company? Here are some tips to guide you in evaluating a mortgage company.

Tip #1: Solicit for referrals

You will be surprised that you can find gems from the referrals that your closest circle gives you. So, ask trustworthy friends and family for referrals and personal evaluations. With their referrals, you can narrow your search down to the most qualified ones. In addition to that, if you know a dependable real estate agent, ask her for a list of candidates for the best mortgage company, Flagstaff, AZ.

Tip #2: Build a list of choices

After the initial evaluation, you should make a list of your top five mortgage company choices. You can set up a comparison table, listing all the pertinent information you need to evaluate them side by side effectively. Note their interest rates, types of loans and loan terms, and closing fees.

Tip #3: Schedule an in-person meeting

Of course, you can set up an online meeting to know your prospects better. However, meeting with each lender in person is more effective in knowing them better. Ask about the kinds of loans they offer, their interest rates, settlement costs or additional fees, and down payment options to validate the information you initially gathered. If the information provided is inconsistent with the data you have in #2, be sure to ask for clarification.

Tip #4: Gather review from past and current clients

You are in the final stage of choosing a mortgage company. It is time to ask for a list of previous clients with contact information for each. Get in touch with each client and ask about their experience with the lender. Make notes of all correspondence for reference.

Tip #5: Do a background check

Doing a background check is crucial to know a mortgage company’s reputation. An online search provides a general idea of client satisfaction, lender dependability, and any shaky financial history.

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