VA Loan

April 30, 2017

These tips can help you find the best offer on VA Loans, Bellevue, WA

We understand that different people tend to have different views on the word ‘best’. What I perceive as best might not be the best for others (or the other way around). That said, we begin this discussion with the premise that ‘best’ is a relative word. However, at the very least, we can agree that the best VA loan provider is the one that offers a top-notch deal at a reasonable price. So, how to find the best offer on VA loans, Bellevue, WA? Here are some ways you can do in your search: Streamline your Google search. Chances are that you can get overwhelmed with lots of information when you do an online search. However, with the right strategy, you can make it more efficient. When using Google, you can streamline your search by making it as specific as possible. Since you are searching for the best offer on VA loans, Bellevue, WA, use these terms in your search queries, including the target location (e.g. best VA loans + Bellevue + WA) and you will notice that Google returns mostly local companies in search results – i.e. VA loan companies in the area, narrowed down to the most relevant ones. Searching through industry-specific local directories. There are plenty of useful local directories that are industry-specific that you can take advantage of when you do your search online, including those that are dedicated to listing mortgage lending companies (e.g. Zillow, which lists reputable mortgage lenders). What’s nice about these directories […]
March 21, 2017

Some things about VA loans that many borrowers are not aware of

When you’re in the mortgage industry for quite some time, you learn a lot of things about client behavior, and that includes the things they know (and don’t know) about VA loans. In this post, we are going to discuss some things about VA loans Spokane Tacoma, WA that many borrowers are not aware of (but they should be, in order to make an effective assessment on whether or not it is the way to go for a mortgage loan). Borrowers should know that… VA loans are reusable. That you can utilize your full VA entitlement more than once provided you pay off the loan each time. Please note as well, you may be able to acquire another VA loan even if you have lost one to foreclosure or currently have one. It is meant for primary residences only. Just like in any other areas, VA loans, Spokane Tacoma, WA require you to occupy the property within 60 days of closing. In other words, they are not available to finance investment property, a vacation or second home. So, supposing the seller of the property, for some reason, can’t move out right away and they pay you a month’s rent while working for their transfer, then they should move out before the 60-day requirement expires as anything beyond that will consider it a rental property and the new VA loan could be called in. They are guaranteed by the government. Meaning, if you have a VA entitlement, the agency typically guarantees […]