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March 30, 2017

Some important things that a mortgage lender, Irvine, CA wants borrowers to know

We have learned a lot of things from mortgage lenders with long years of experience working with them for our clients (borrowers). So, whenever clients visit our office for mortgage loan help, we see to it that we are able to discuss useful tips (including tips from the lenders themselves) that can help borrowers have a smoother home loan application process. As always, it is our desire that our clients get the best mortgage deal in town, so we make sure that they are guided every step of the way. In this post, we are sharing some of the things that a mortgage lender, Irvine, CA wants borrowers to know. These include the following: That saving for a down payment can make a difference. Though there are mortgage loans that do not require borrowers to put a down payment, mortgage lenders underscore the benefit of saving for a down payment. Having some amounts to put down makes a big difference (recommended is 20%). Aside from higher chances of getting a mortgage, it surely can put some burden off a borrower’s shoulder, knowing that he/she has to pay a smaller monthly mortgage due. Here are more advantages of putting a 20% down payment mortgage. That credit scores can play a key role for home loan success. There are a number of reasons to shape up credit score. Having a good credit puts a borrower in a position to attract the best mortgage loan deal. That said, it is imperative that a […]
March 21, 2017

Consider these things when looking for a mortgage lender Palm Beach, FL

Shape up your credit score. Why it is so important? The truth is, not everyone can qualify to buy a home; there are certain criteria that a mortgage lender Palm Beach, FL considers before granting a loan and a good credit score is one of these criteria. It is to make sure that you can repay your loan. Please note that a low credit score might deem you as a risky borrower and they are likely to impose higher interest rate on your loan. Therefore, you should get your credit score in shape when you plan to apply for a mortgage loan. Do your homework. What are the benefits of doing your homework? For one, doing prior research allows you to know the lending landscape better. For another, it allows you to ask the right questions to your prospects. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for you to familiarize important institutions in the mortgage lending industry such as credit unions, mortgage bankers, correspondent lenders, mutual savings banks, among others. In other words, it can make you well-prepared. Collect and select strategy applies. As there are lots of mortgage lenders in Palm Beach, FL, chances are it is going to be challenging for you pick one that can provide you the best deal. That is why the collect-and-select strategy can be useful. You need to get quotes from different prospective lenders and do the necessary comparison. Of course, compare an apple with an apple, which means you need to compare them based […]